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My name is Paula Abbott and I am a Registered Nurse with more than 25 years of experience in the hospital setting.  I have also worked with Public Health providing immunization clinics in schools and public clinics.  I have also coordinated Occupational Health services including immunization clinics for corporate clients.

My Story

Several years ago while providing Respiratory Mask Fit testing for BScN and PND nursing students at the Seneca King campus, students asked me if I could provide clinical placement document review on campus. At that time Seneca had outsourced a company in Toronto to provide this service. Students did not like to travel into the city, pay parking fees and long waits to see a nurse. Fees were also prohibitive. What they really wanted was for the service to be provided on campus at a reasonable cost.

I approached the Chair of Health Sciences and told her what students were requesting. With my experience in Public Health Immunization clinics, she was confident that I would provide professional clinics on campus.
The clinical coordinators were also relieved that I could complete all of the document reviews, provide immunization education and enter all of the information into the Seneca database (Hspnet). There were revenue savings for Seneca as they no longer required the coordinators to review documents and enter data. Students were thankful to have Registered Nurses provide one on one private consultations and to receive consistent accurate information. 

Word spread throughout Seneca that I was providing document review services and mask fit testing. I was asked to provide these services to several other programs at various Seneca campuses. As the business grew I hired several Registered Nurses with Public Health immunization experience.

The business continues to grow as we now provide services to George Brown College at Ryerson campus.

The strength of my business is excellent communication with students and faculty, one on one professional Registered Nurse consultations and flexibility with either on-site clinics or electronic document review. 

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