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Clearance Review for Seneca Veterinary Program

Download your Medical/Immunization Form here.

You will be required to present this form completed and physician signed upon entry to each of your clinical placements. This means you need to ensure your documentation is up to date prior to each clinical term. Some of the documentation will require updating on a yearly basis so it is recommended you create a file to keep your paperwork in order. 

Follow these recommended steps below for ensuring timely completion of required documentation.

Step 1 (Two months prior to clinical start date)

Visit your Health Care Provider

Your Health Care Provider is an essential source of information about your health records and current immunization status. If you do not have records of your past immunizations or vaccinations your Health Care Provider will request blood work in order to determine your current levels of immunization. If these lab reports determine that you do not have the necessary levels of immunity the doctor will then start a schedule of immunizations, which may need to be applied over two months. This process will take time, so it is imperative you schedule your initial visit with your health care provider as soon as possible. 

How To: Make an appointment with your family doctor and bring your immunization form so that they can complete the necessary signatures.
Frequency: Prior to each placement if any components have expired. 

Immunization and Medical Records

How to: If you have not previously received immunization you will need to arrange this through your family doctor or walk-in clinic. Pay attention to the schedule of immunization, some require multiple shots over a period of time and if you do not start early enough you will not complete it in time.  

​Medical records from your family doctor must include completion of the following immunizations:

  • Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR)

  • Hepatitis B 

  • Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertusis

  • Polio​

  • Pre-Exposure Immunization for Rabies

  • COVID-19 Vaccines

Frequency: Medical must be valid for the field placement and updated annually.

COVID-19 Vaccines

Proof of vaccination, in the form of an official dose administration receipt, is required. 

Pfizer - 2 doses, 3 weeks apart (extended interval 16 weeks)
Moderna - 2 doses, 4 weeks apart (extended interval 16 weeks)
AstraZeneca - 2 doses, 4-12 weeks apart (extended interval 16 weeks)
Johnson & Johnson - 1 dose

Seneca Student's COVID-19 Vaccine Policy 

The current guidelines are that students need to wait 28 days after having their COVID-19 vaccine before they can receive other vaccines or have a TB skin test. They also need to wait 14 days after getting any vaccine before getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

Click here to read Seneca's COVID-19 Vaccine Policy

Annual Influenza Immunization

Regular flu shots are encouraged.  Should there be an outbreak in the clinical setting and you have not received the flu vaccination you will be removed from your clinical placement which could jeopardize the successful completion of the clinical course. 

How To: Flu vaccination will be available at Public Health clinics, your physician's office and some pharmacies in October or November.  Please note that the flu season is from October to May. If you received your flu shot in the spring, you will still need to get a flu shot in October or November to be vaccinated for the current flu season. 
Frequency: Yearly, during flu season.

Step 2 (One month prior to clinical placement start)



Complete the online E-learning module Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Training. You will require an 80% to pass. When you have finished, print your certificate of completion and add it to your file.
Frequency: WHMIS Training needs to be completed prior to your first lab/placement.

Step 3 (Once your Medical Form/Immunization Form is Complete)

Book Clearance Review Appointment With Concise Health Solutions

Ensure your Field Placement Clearance is complete by reviewing it with our Registered Nurses.

How To: Book your Clearance Review appointment with Concise Health Solutions 
Frequency: Prior to your clinical placement if any documents have been renewed.

Book Your Clearance 
Review Today

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