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Clearance Reviews

Preparing for your clinical, practicum or field placement requires more than just registering for your course. In order to enter your placement, you will need to complete the required training, reporting and testing. You will be required to produce a Clinical Preparedness Permit (CPP) or Field Placement Clearance which outlines the mandatory requirements for placement in the clinical or field placement setting. Required documents may include a Medical form or Clinical  Preparedness Permit, VSS, Standard First Aid, CPR, WHMIS, Health & Safety module, etc. To view your requirements click the links below.


Requirements for BScN, PND, PSW students


Requirements for ECE students

In order to avoid costly delays in your education ensure that you complete the required documentation for your program.

Once you have completed all of the required components for Placement book a Clearance Review appointment and a nurse will review and finalize your documentation.  

Your Clearance Review is an Online Appointment

The evening prior to your appointment you will be sent a link to a secure form
that you must complete prior to your 9 am appointment. You will be instructed to upload all of your required documents onto this form.

A nurse will review your documents on the day of your appointment. You will be emailed a Summary Report indicating that you are Clear for Placement. If you are missing documents you will be Not Clear for Placement. The nurse will provide instructions on what documents need to be completed in order for you to be Clear for placement.  When you have completed the missing documents
you will book a Return Clearance appointment.

Make an appointment with your doctor to complete your medical form or CPP
asap as it may take several days to complete. Please download your medical form below.

Seneca College ECE medical form


Seneca College Esthetics medical form 

Seneca College Medical Esthetics Nursing Form

Seneca College Veterinary medical form 

Seneca College Nursing/PSW CPP form 

George Brown College ECE medical form

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