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Clearance Review for Queen's University Nursing Students


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Download Here

Tdap FORM:

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You will be required to present this form completed and physician signed upon entry to each of your clinical placements. This means you need to ensure your documentation is up to date prior to each clinical term. Some of the documentation will require updating on a yearly basis so it is recommended you create a file to keep your paperwork in order. 

Follow these recommended steps below for ensuring timely completion of required documentation.

For students entering their first year of Nursing at Queen’s University, and upper-year students who will have clinical placements, documentation is mandatory for clinical placements. You must have up-to-date immunization records in compliance with our clinical partners. It is the responsibility of each student to maintain their health records.


Follow the recommended steps below to ensure timely completion of the placement requirements. Contact Concise Health Solutions if you have any questions.


It is strongly recommended to schedule your appointments and training as soon as possible to allow enough time to complete the requirements before August 1st.

Step 1 – Complete Immunization Requirements

Your Health Care Provider is an essential source of information about your health records and current immunization status. If you have not previously received immunization you will need to arrange this through your Health Care Provider, walk-in clinic or Queen’s Student Wellness. For more information, please see the Queen’s Immunization Requirements web page. (


First Year Students

IMPORTANT: This step is for First Year students only (year 1 and AST 3).

Have your Health Care Provider complete the Queen’s University Immunization Record & Serologic Status Form.

  1. Make an appointment as soon as possible with your Primary Care Provider or Student Wellness Services.

  2. Bring your Queen’s University Immunization Record & Serologic Status Form to your appointment

  3. Your Health Care provider will need to

  • Review your immunization schedule

    • If you do not have records of your past immunizations or vaccinations, your Health Care Provider may request blood work in order to determine your current levels of immunity. Not all vaccinations are detectable in serology.  If you do not have proof of previous vaccinations, you will need to have a catch-up series and this could take up to 6 months to complete. Immunizations or serology testing occurs at your cost.

  • Complete the School of Nursing Immunization Form


  • All requirements must be valid until the end of each school year (April for 4-year stream, June for AST stream)

  • Make sure the healthcare provider records the dates of immunizations and any serology results in each section of your Immunization Form.

Second-year students

The full form is not required. Only the One-step TB is required.


Download Here

Third-year students (not including AST 3)

The full form is not required. Only the One-step TB and Tdap are required.


Download Here


Download Here

Tdap FORM:

Download Here


Fourth-year students (including AST 4)

The full form is not required. Only the One-step TB is required. a


Download Here

Step 2 – Apply for Vulnerable Sector Police Record Check (VSS)


All students must provide evidence of a Criminal Record Check, including Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS). All costs associated with the initial and subsequent Criminal Record Checks will be the responsibility of the student. The School of Nursing does not keep criminal record checks on file. Students must keep their original documentation in case they are required to present it.


How often is this needed?  Your VSS must be updated yearly and be valid for the entire clinical placement. Students must be prepared to repeat the Criminal Record Check more frequently if requested by a placement agency.


If you have a criminal record, please discuss your situation with the Associate Director, Undergraduate Nursing Programs, as it may affect your ability to complete the Bachelor of Nursing Science program, and your eligibility to register with the College of Nurses of Ontario or an equivalent regulatory body.


First-year students (4-year program and AST 3)

  • You will receive a signed letter from the Queen’s School of Nursing with your welcome email that you will need to request your VSS.

  • If you need a letter for the Toronto Police, you can request that from Jill at .


Upper-year students

Step 3 – Obtain Standard First Aid and CPR BLS (or HCP)

How often is this needed? - CPR certification must be maintained annually (re-certification each year) throughout the nursing program. Standard First Aid must be re-certified every 4 years regardless of the expiry date on the card.


How long are the courses?

Standard First Aid

  • 1 day course

  • certification is valid for 4 years at the School of Nursing


  • 6 hour in-person course (Blended or online courses are not accepted.)

  • certification will be required annually

First Year Students (Year 1 and AST 3)

  1. Register as soon as possible for an in-person Standard First Aid course and the CPR (Basic Life Support (BLS) or Health Care Provider (HCP).

    • CPR certification must be BLS or HCP

    • Only in-person certification courses accepted. Blended or online courses are not accepted.

    • You can register for the Standard First Aid and CPR - BLS courses with a provider of your choice.

    • Register early as they fill quickly. 

  2. Submit your proof of certification by August 1st.


Upper year students (including AST 4)

Only CPR-BLS will be required.

Step 4 – Complete Online Training Modules and Consent Forms

The following modules and forms must be completed per the chart below. Proof of completion must be submitted at your Clearance Review appointment. For more information, and to gain access to the non-KHSC forms and training modules go to your OnQ.










1 module include: HCP Controls, Chain of Transmission, Additional Precautions

2 Gain access to the KHSC and KGH training modules here: Student pre-placement training | KHSC Kingston Health Sciences Centre (

Step 5 – Book Clearance Review Online Appointment with Concise Health Solutions June 1st - August 1st

Ensure that you have completed all of the required documents for your Clearance Review June 1st - August 1st. Contact Concise Health Solutions if you have any questions at:


When can I book my appointment? June 1 – August 1.

Book your appointment only AFTER you have completed your requirements. Upload proof of completion of all of the requirements in the following table to the secure Concise Health Solutions site. The deadline for completing your placement requirements (see table below) is August 1st. But you don’t have to wait until the last minute. If your requirements are complete, you can book your clearance review appointment any time after June 1st.


How do I book my appointment? Book your Clearance Review appointment here:


How often is this needed? Annually, prior to your clinical placement document completion deadline August 1.

 Upload all documents to the corresponding drop box on OnQ in addition to submitting proof to Concise Health Solutions

Step 6 – Upload proof of Maskfit to Concise Health Solutions by September 10th

Mask fit testing is a requirement for all clinical placements. Testing will take place at the beginning of year 1 and year 3 of the program on campus. Be sure to check your email August 1st regarding mask fit appointment details.


  • Complete your mask fit test, per your appointment. If you are unable to make the free mask fit appointment on campus in September, you must complete the mask fit test at an outside agency at your own expense.

  • Upload your mask fit certification onto the Concise Health Solutions secure site by September 10th, at no additional cost. Select Queen’s University Mask Fit Test Certificate Upload on the Book Appointment page

How often is this needed? Mask fit testing is required every two years.

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